Love it or Change it

“Find joy in everything you choose to do. Every job, relationship, home… it’s your responsibility to love it, or change it.” Chuck Palahniuk

This is one of the biggest opportunities we have in our lives: to discover the joy that’s present in our lives and relationships.  Many of us don’t recognize the joy that we have.  But joy is also a choice we have to make. We can choose to live miserably, or we can choose to look for the better in life.  Yes, there are times when life will fall to many pieces, so many that they may not seem to go back together.

As Chuck Palahniuk points out, we have a responsibility for our relationships. We’re born into some, but even in those we’ve got a responsibility to love it or change it.  We’re not helpless people, and it’s time we stop acting like it.  Yes, there are things in your life that will come against you and there’s nothing you can do about them. But you do have the choice on how you react to those situations, and how prepared you are for those situations.  You can’t know exactly how you’ll respond, but by being at least a little prepared, you have some footing when others would be swept away.

Take advantage of the less busy schedule of the summer and catch up with friends that you haven’t spoken with in a long time. Sit down with people and talk about what really bothers you and what’s on your heart.  Most importantly, sit down with yourself and be honest about the state of the relationships in your life.  If you’re not honest with yourself you can’t find the joy that’s already there or make the chances necessary to find your joy.

Will you choose joy today?


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