Tell the Truth

In John 8:32 Jesus said: “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

In this simple statement we’re given clarity about how we should live our relationships and lives.  It’s not always easy to be truthful, nor does the truth always sit right with people.  Sometimes we even tell ourselves that truth isn’t the best policy.  Even when we tell half-truths to people we can feel a stab of guilt accompany the statement.  After all, how many TV shows have you watched where the person is sitting in a chair being questioned and all of a sudden then jump out of the chair yelling “OK!  I admit it!  I admit it!!”?  Very few of us can hold up to relentless guilt.

In John 8:32, Jesus isn’t just talking about being honest and telling the truth, He’s talking about how important it is for us to know, discover and be told the truth.  I’ve met and worked with countless individuals who have accepted something as truth and based their lives or careers on that fact, only to find out that it’s not the truth.  This can be a big blow to many people, and can destroy relationships when the truth is finally revealed.

You may have seen commercials for an insurance agency I believe with a man and woman talking and the woman says something like “I read it on the internet so it must be true…”  While there are many truths and lies on the internet, there are also many of both in real life.  Kids grow up believing certain things based on what they see at home with their families.  These beliefs can forever impact their future, and can harm or help what they choose to do with their lives.

This month as we discuss the simpler things of life, I encourage you to not only be careful about the assumptions and judgments you make, but also about what you tell others.  We all make mistakes, and while some of us don’t know that we’re telling a lie, others do.  Do your best to tell and discover the truth; it will make you feel good and be a testament to others too.


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