Simply Faithful

“If you continue to be faithful, I will give you the reward of life.”  Revelation 2:10

We are really blessed to live in a world with so many options.  It’s really easy to flit from one thing to the next, not being concerned about sticking with just one thing.  However, while that may be fine for products and services, it’s not healthy or how God intended our human relationships to be.  Don’t get me wrong, I know that it’s sometimes necessary or the right thing to leave a job, end a friendship or get a divorce.  We’re all human, have faults and we do change.

But there’s something really satisfying about working through the differences and hardships with someone.  About taking the time to do it right, try a little harder, listen a little closer or put in a little extra effort.

What this verse from Revelation reveals is something that is guaranteed in a relationship with God, and not in a human relationship: God is always going to reciprocate the relationship.  When you put work into the relationship you’ll get untold blessings from Him.  We humans have lots we can learn from that fact.  We’re pretty good at being bad at relationships.  I don’t always put as much effort into relationships as I should, but the relationships that I have are exponentially better and stronger than those that aren’t as tended to.

Have you been faithful to put time and effort into your relationship with God?  What about your relationship with your family, your partner or your friends?  If you make the time for the relationships that really matter to you, you won’t regret it.


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