Hoping through Fears

For years I’ve shared about my belief of the importance of having hope in your life.  It’s something I believe every leader should share, every relationship have, every family share and every individual discover.  Hope isn’t the end all, be all answer, life is often about words and actions too, not just thoughts.  But without hope life is often too challenging to get through.  There are lots of things that try to throw us off our game and distract us from our missions.  But hope helps us get through those tough spots.  As Vincent McNabb said:

“Hope is some extraordinary spiritual grace that God gives us to control our fears, not to oust them.”

Living with hope in your life isn’t about it all going right or believing it will all go right, just like having faith in God isn’t all about having a pain-free life.  Hope gives us the strength, the grace, the help, to figure out how to get through the tough stuff, who can help, and that we can indeed get to tomorrow.

Even if you get rid of your biggest fear, tackle your biggest goal, or build a really great relationship with your partner, there will still be issues that come up, new fears you’ll face.  Life can’t be completely conquered, there will always be new things for you to face and grow through.

The choice, the challenge, comes from how you deal with and work through those tough situations.  Do you try to struggle through it alone, or do you reach out for the hope you’ve got?  Do you let fear take over or do you push on through anyway?  Write down some big dreams you have today, this month we’ll be talking about how to put hope into action in your life!


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