Dreams of Freedom

This week those of us in the USA celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, so it seemed appropriate to talk about dreams.  In Dr. King’s speech he shares that although great change happened with the Emancipation Proclimation, people were still not really free, and that he had a dream about getting that freedom.  In essence, that’s what a dream is: a thought, maybe even a plan, on achieving what freedom means to you at that time.

When we let our dreams die or fall by the wayside we essentially cripple our efforts at getting to the freedoms we desire.

What is it about a dream that is so powerful?  Dreams have this magical ability to keep us focused, to inspire us, to motivate us, to connect us with others who have similar goals and can support us as we strive to attain our freedoms.  When we have a dream that is connected to a goal, a desired freedom, we have more heart and passion behind that goal than we would if it were just a goal.  It makes our goal more attractive and helps us find the energy to do all that is required to get to the freedom we desire.

Dr. King’s speech has motivated several generations of people to work together for the freedoms of not just one group of people, but all people.  Which brings us to the real question: are you stuck trying to get to a freedom you desire?  Are your wheels spinning in place because you’ve lost sight of your dreams or never had them?   Open your mind to the freedom that comes with a dream today.


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