Silence Speaks

“In the silence of the heart God speaks” Mother Teresa

It’s not easy to find a quiet place to be, whether at home or on the road, there are always others around or an electronic device within reach that can bring people to us.  Even in the early hours of the morning when things used to be quiet people are now up and about, on the road and busy doing things.  Where has the quiet gone?

You see, the thing about quiet that we’re not as willing to accept or welcome is that it gives our insides a chance to reveal what’s going on.  It means we would have to recognize our emotions.  It means that we would have time to consider our actions. It means that we might think about what we’re doing versus our purpose and what our heart calls us to.  These are all things that can be uncomfortable to us if we haven’t been in touch with our heart in a long time.

But if you really want a fulfilling life it’s essential to spend some time each day in silence, just sitting and being.  Some people do traditional meditation, some take bubble baths, others sit on their back porch or in a quiet local park with a cup of tea or coffee.  It’s in those moments that we can discover the truth about our restlessness, find the peace to continue another day, and find the guidance we desperately seek.

If you’re wondering where God, where the answers in the universe, where the truth about your life is, consider how much time you spend each day being quiet.  Make time each day to be quiet and check in with yourself, the universe and God.  It will help you be more centered, more relaxed, more inspired, more successful and make more confident decisions.  What’s your favorite way to have quiet time?


One thought on “Silence Speaks

  1. Month Hacker

    I know! People often start getting concerned it things are quite. It is really tough these days. Nevertheless I listen to chilled out music and design graphics – that is my quite time. Even though I’m listening to music while I’m doing that, it still is my quite time…

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