Words of Life

“We want to tell you about the Word that gives life—the one who existed before the world began.” 1 John 1:1

You may have heard the song “Words” by Hawk Nelson.  It reminds us that our words have power.  Think back to when you were a child.  I’m sure you can remember some of the hurtful things that were said to or about you, even if you weren’t supposed to hear them.  We all make mistakes and say things that we shouldn’t, things that do hurt people.  We also think things about ourselves that hurt us.  When we go over and over a failure in our heads considering all angles and options, the words we think can hurt us too, maybe even more than the original situation.

Which is why what John 1:1 reveals is so important: words can give life too.  They don’t just have to break down, criticize or be; they are powerful tools that we can use for good.  When you’re able to catch that nasty comment, when you’re able to hold back your anger, you’re stopping the hurt.  But when you’re able to compliment someone, when you’re able to share an encouraging word, when you’re able to express gratitude, you’re putting the power back in words as God meant them to be.

You may never be as outspoken as Billy Graham or Mother Teresa and tell millions about the Words that give true, eternal, life.  But you can choose to use words in your daily life, in all your interactions, that are of love, hope, and peace, rather than hate, hurt and misery.

Words have been around since the dawn of time, and everyone has been challenged to use them wisely or waste them.  What will you do with your words this week?


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