Unlocking Blessings

“Gratitude is an opener of locked-up blessings.” Marianne Williamson

I love how every year without fail the leaves change colors on the trees where I live.  How each year they go from rather uniform green to a multitude of colors; colors that make us think warm drinks, apple pie and nights by the fire.  It amazes me that in those little green leaves lies the power to transform into all these amazing colors.  I don’t know how the leaves always know exactly when to turn, but they seem to know without fail each and every year.  Somehow something clicks or shifts in each and every leaf to make the transformation begin from green to colors.

We’ve got that built in transformation tool too.  It’s called gratitude.  When we make it a regular part of our lives and days to be grateful, to express gratitude and to welcome other people’s thankgsivings into our lives we have the keys to unlock many gifts and opportunities.  When we recognize the good stuff that’s around us, it’s easier for us to accept the other good stuff coming our way.  When we focus on just the stuff that’s going wrong, the stuff we don’t like or the stuff that’s not working, we block out any opportunities that could be ours.

But not only is a regular gratitude practice good for your life, it’s good for those who you interact with.  I don’t know anyone who says “I like nasty, miserable people!” and really means it.  Most people like to meet and interact with those who are friendly and personable, and when you’re busy being thankful for things, it’s easier to be friendly than when you’re grumpy and thinking about all that’s going wrong.

Take time this week to examine your life and the lock box that is your attitude.  Are you open to the great stuff that could come your way, or are you stuck in the past dealing with trash?


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