Channeling Columbus

This month we recognize the pioneering spirit of Christopher Columbus, a great explorer and adventurer in history.  You probably know the old saying that starts “In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue…”  While not all of us are meant to sail the ocean (Titanic anyone?!) his adventurous spirit is something we can all learn from.  Columbus, like many other explorers, went out to find one thing and discovered another.  With 3 months left in 2013 it’s a perfect time to set out and discover something about this amazing world we live in.

Go out and learn something about this world:  I don’t know how many unknown species are out there, but each year some many thousand bugs and animals are discovered and most people won’t have a chance to see them.  Not to mention the number of awesome things within driving distance of your house that you’ve never seen but would amaze you.

Learn something new about yourself: We’re just as complicated as the world around us.  We’ve each got many layers of personality and you’ve got abilities that I admire and applaud since I don’t have them.  Often though we get wrapped up in what’s going on around us and don’t take time to learn and appreciate who we are.  By trying new things and meeting new people you’ll discover that there’s more to you than you thought possible.

Learn something new about someone else: In line with our last point, you’ll never fully know the people in your life.  They’ve got secrets they’ll keep no matter how long you know them and plenty of gifts, talents, or interests you never knew they had because they worry about judgement or humiliation because of them.  Open up with close friends about your interests and they’ll feel more comfortable sharing theirs.

Make major life change: This doesn’t appeal to most of us because we like our lives to a great extent and anytime overhauling comes up it’s usually a painful experience.  But with that pain comes great opportunity to spread your wings and become a bigger, better and more fulfilled person than you ever could staying where you are.

What will you do with the last 3 months of 2013?


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