What Difference Will it Make

I’ve been thinking about change and how hard it can be for us to accept or deny the change that could happen.  Some more voluntary changes like changing jobs, adopting kids, entering into relationships, and going back to school are all choices we could, but don’t have to make.  When it comes to these life changes we’re in good control of the decision making.  When it comes to stuff like the weather, questions asked in an interview, traffic, relationship enjoyment, and biological kids we’ve got less control over the situation and outcomes.

Regardless of what type of choice you’re facing, the choices and decisions you make will impact the result. Because we’ve always got choices in how we react to situations, even if we don’t have much control over how we got in them or what other people do.

One thing I enjoy is considering alternatives to difficult situations.  I love thinking about different what if’s and finding new possibilities that can break through the frustration and blockages.  I don’t believe that any situation is totally lost, there is always a lesson to be learned or way that even the worst situations can be turned into good.  The awesome thing about being in a world of so many people as we are in 2013 is that there are always other options and perspectives we can consider and follow through on.

When you face a challenge this week I encourage you to come up with a list of possible solutions or paths you could take.  If you can’t, ask a friend for help.  Do this for even little tasks so that your brain gets used to thinking more creatively.  The more you use your brain to think creatively, the easier it will be when big, hairy situations run across your path and you need to come up with some different options quickly.  Once you’ve got that list of options you can ask “what difference will it make if…” for each of your possibilities in regards to each option and your situation to determine which is the best one at this time. Applying this type of creative thinking will create solutions that satisfy you more often and your first reactions will be quicker and smarter too.


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