Laughing through Challenges

This month as we’ve talked alternatively about being thankful and strength, what inevitably comes up are challenges.  Usually we’re thankful when we get through a tough meeting with our boss, avoid the bad drivers, or have an extra-special great day, and usually when we talk about being strong it connects with getting through relationship challenges, tough days at work or sicknesses. Challenges are a part of our daily lives, and without them we wouldn’t have the strength of character or wisdom that we do.  Those mountains we climb make us into the people we are.

You’ve seen what the climb has done to some people though: they’re nasty, to put it bluntly.  Yes, they’ve taken the challenges life presented them, grabbed them, and thrown them back at the rest of us at every chance they get.  That’s not the case for everyone of course.  Most people deal with challenges one of three ways: some of us take them in stride and deal with them as they come, others of us get beaten down by them, and the last group of people face and go through their challenges with flying colors.  It’s these people who the rest of us alternatively are jealous of and annoyed by.  How can they be so cheerful in the face of so much?!  Charles M. Schulz has an answer to that:

“If I were given the opportunity to present a gift to the next generation, it would be the ability for each individual to learn to laugh at himself.”

Humor isn’t just something for funny movies, cute puppies or crazy antics.  It’s therapy, a way of dealing, and scientifically proven to be good for us.  It’s about much more than it may seem on the surface.  One lesson we can learn from it is to not take everything in life deathly seriously.  Yes, life has serious moments.  It would be hard to forget that.  But when we see life as that hard serious thing, we end up like the grumps I mentioned earlier.  But when we allow ourselves to see life as separate from the hardships, that hardships aren’t synonymous with life, we’re able to get some perspective.

If you’re dealing with something serious in your life, don’t go through it alone, and don’t let the problems take over your life.  You’re more than any problems you face.  No matter how you’ve faced your problems in the past, today is a new day and you can choose to do something different.  What will you do to make today a better day?


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