Perfect Peace

As we enter into the Christmas season this week, I’m excited to get started on sharing Christmas themes with you, as well as our topic of the month, being thankful.  It may seem to you that I’ve done things backwards, but I think you’ll find that being thankful is very Christmasy after all.  Today we start off talking about peace and thanksgiving.

“And let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts. For as members of one body you are called to live in peace. And always be thankful.”  Colossians 3:15

We let a lot of things rule in our lives, like craziness, busyness, addictions, people, jobs, money, the list goes on.  But do we let peace rule in our lives?  Not usually.  I think we’re so easily carried away most of the time by what goes on in and around our lives that peace is something we desire but since it doesn’t run in the same circles as busyness and money, we don’t catch it.  But peace isn’t something we can catch or falls into our laps, it’s something we have to actively take time to make into part of our lives.  But when we take time to make peace a foundational part of our lives, we’ll find that everything else goes much smoother. So where do we find peace?

Peace starts with slowing down.  You can’t find peace living at 100 miles an hour.  You can however find peace in the moments that you stop to be thankful for things going well, during that walk in nature, or that first sip of tea or coffee in your day.  The thing is that peace can’t be part of our lives until we’ve made time for it.

True peace is found internally. You’re familiar with the people who look calm and composed on the outside but on the inside they may be freaking out and screaming.  These aren’t people of true peace.  If you’ve got peace on the inside you don’t usually freak out on the outside either, or at least for not very long.  If you want to feel at peace you have to take the time to meditate and relax and develop a core of tranquility and patience.

This holiday season take time each day to develop a peace practice: a time of slowing down and taking time to meditate on the Bible, or just on finding stillness.


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