Giving Thanks at Christmas

“God gives his people a free gift—eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord…This is a free gift … being made free from sin through Jesus Christ.” Romans 6:23, 3:24

Christmas is the time for giving gifts, one of the greatest gifts to recognize is the gift of freedom from sin and an eternal life from Jesus.  If you think about it, we really have a lot to be thankful for at this time of year, beginning with this fabulous earth we live on, and going above and beyond with the birth of a Baby who would save us and offer eternal life.  But when it comes to gifting, hearing the word “free” always makes us wonder: Is it really free?  What am I giving in exchange for it?  Why is it free (is it that bad?)? Are just a few of the questions we ask.

Technically though, there isn’t a catch to this free gift.  We just have to be willing to accept it, and accept Jesus’ presence in our lives. The good news is, as I shared in my devotional this week, is that:

“…while Jesus was fully divine and fully human, we are not.  We do not have to be, nor are we God.  God has never asked us to take on the responsibility of bearing or fathering his son, all he has asked of us is to be the person he has created us to be.  God doesn’t need or expect you to be God or anything close to that, just to be yourself.”

Accepting the miraculous free gift of salvation, freedom and eternal life isn’t meant to be a leg-shackle, nor does it turn us into God, nor does God expect supernatural miracles of us or our lives.  He asks us to be ourselves, to trust him, to follow his leading as often as possible, and to share the gift of freedom with someone else.  Will you accept the free gift today?


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