Together After Christmas

Christmas has come and gone, and we’re yet again just a few days away from a new year.  It’s a time many of us use for reflection and plan for changes with this new year.  For some of us it’s a relief to get past Christmas and start getting back to what we fondly call “normal.”  But others of us are sad that the times of celebration and togetherness are over.

This month whether you’ve realized it or not we’ve been talking a bit about being thankful.  And when all is said and done each and every year I am thankful for the craziness that is Christmas.  I never regret the family get-togethers, over eating of cookies (they’re only made in December!), or spending of extra money.  Why?  Because it’s all about showing how thankful we are for each other.  It’s not obvious the other months of the year unfortunately, but from late November to Christmas it’s as if we’re given permission by some invisible force to actually be nice to each other and show how much we love each other.

Which, when it comes down to it, really is sad.  It’s sad that we don’t feel comfortable with ourselves enough to express our emotions more often through the year.  Whether you’re religious or a Scrooge fan, the lesson of Christmas is that it’s not a one time thing.  Jesus wasn’t born and immediately disappeared, and Scrooge wasn’t supposed to learn a lesson in one night but apply it to the rest of his life.  The stories may be brief, but their meanings aren’t to end when the story ends.

Christmas may have passed, but the people you’ve spent time with are still here.  Will you choose this year to celebrate more often with them?  Let’s make 2014 the year of coming together.


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