Making Resolutions that Work

We’ve made it to another year!  I’m very excited for where this year will take us.  I love sitting down and being able to see a whole fresh, clean 12 months ahead of us to make changes, improve the world and enjoy our lives more.  You’ve probably been exhorted by any number of companies and individuals to make a resolution or two for your life this year on what you’ll do different this year than last year, and maybe any year before.  I love this focus each year because it reminds us that we all have room to grow and improve in our lives.  But beyond that, I see each day, each week, each month as a new opportunity to make things better or do something different.  You don’t have to make changes in your life in January, you can do it any time you want.

What trips most people up about January resolutions, or making any big life changes in their lives at anytime, is they’re worried about what they’ll be losing.  I’ve been doing a major diet change over the past few weeks and it hasn’t been easy thinking about the foods I can’t eat.  This is one of the reasons many people fail in setting resolutions or making life changes: they’re so focused on what they’re missing out on that they miss the benefits and true goal of the resolution.

I didn’t start my diet resolution because I hate certain foods, I started it because I want to feel and be healthier.  You don’t start exercising because you want to get up earlier in the morning, but because you want to look and feel better.  You don’t start or end a relationship because you know it’s the wrong thing to do, you start/end it because you see something better with that change.

As you look towards this new year and potential resolutions and changes you might make, don’t focus on the loss, focus on the gain.


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