Building Bridges

“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.”  Isaac Newton

This is definitely a theme for me in my life and something I constantly struggle with.  I’m a big bridge builder and cliff connector, but so many people want to put up walls and be separate.  But when we’re all islands and nothing connects us nothing gets done well.  When we choose to work together is when the possibilities become endless.  I’ll definitely be challenging myself, and you too, this year to build bridges.

Newton does make a point that we make a lot of walls in our lives, and I have to say I have some myself.  I do my very best to leave my work at my desk and not bring it with me when I’m spending time with my partner or my friends. I don’t need to know every little detail of people’s lives, so I don’t spend a lot of personal time on social media, but I love having the ability to quickly and easily connect with a friend or two who doesn’t live close by and I can’t see often.  I don’t need to know all the details of your life and you don’t need to know all of mine, so in some places walls are good things.

But when we’re struggling walls are the worst things for us.  When we cut ourselves off from help and rescue we’ll continue to suffer.  There are some things we need to work through ourselves (I can’t lose weight for you), but that doesn’t mean I can’t encourage you and support you in your struggle (like take a walk with you).

When we choose to make bridges rather than burn them we create the network of connections that never ceases to amaze me.  It’s that network that makes discoveries like those Newton made become so much more than he could have ever done alone.  What areas of your life do you need to build, or rebuild, bridges in?


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