Qualities of a Lifetime

“It is important to work on those limitless qualities that will be valuable beyond this lifetime”  Dalai Lama

This month if you’ve been following along we’ve been talking about kindness.  We often focus on the tangible, like the money in our bank account, the spouse that just left us, the kids who are misbehaving, the food we are eating and the work we’ve got.  But what we often forget is that at it’s very essence, the tangible is made up of and directly affected by the intangible.  You may not think your attitude has anything to do with your marketing campaign’s failure, or customers asking to speak with someone else, or complaints thrown around the home, but your attitude and other intangibles like it are what most of the time make or break us.

In fact, it’s those intangibles that make us who we are.  As much as we may look different on the outside, it’s really what’s inside that makes us different, and our outside is a reflection of that.

When it comes down to it your skills and abilities may very well someday become outdated, like the computers we used in 1990, or the houses people lived in throughout Medieval Europe.  But your ability to be kind, your ability to love someone, your ability to learn something new, your ability to be patient, your ability to be confident, these will never be outdated.  In fact, they can often be the factor that enables you to be chosen over someone else.

Don’t get me wrong, learning new skills and trades is important, as is keeping up with what’s current.  But as much as we need to work on those things, even more than that we need to work on our ability to connect with people, our communication skills, and things like kindness, love and honesty.  Maybe it won’t add a measurable amount to your bottom line (unless you’re a CHO (chief happiness officer)), but not only will you feel more fulfilled and satisfied with your life, others will want to be around you too.

What are your best intangible qualities?


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