Simply Doing the Right Thing

“There are no easy answers but there are simple answers. We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right.” Ronald Reagan

I’m a big believer in simplicity.  I know that there are some good things that are complex, like some recipes and foods, but I’m always amazed by the complications some people add to things totally unnecessarily.  Why do we insist on taking a complicated road when a simpler road will do just as well, or even better?  I’m not talking about taking a hard or easy road, that’s another aspect entirely, we’re just talking here about making things more difficult or tied up than is necessary.  When we add unnecessary rules, hoops and levels to jump to it does several things to our journey.

First, it hinders it.  Let’s get this out of the way first.  It’s important to recognize the delaying tactics as exactly that.  Some structure and rules are good to have, but when it becomes ridiculous you’re only doing your very best to halt forward progress.   Yes, you’re holding up your own success.

Second, we have an opportunity to learn.  When we add all the rules and fluff to our journeys we often just complain about how bad they are (even though it’s our fault that it’s that way).  When in fact it’s a huge learning opportunity. If you have to go through it that way, you might as well make the journey worth it.

It all comes down, however, to taking action on what is right for the biggest number of people.  If we don’t have each other’s best interests at heart we’re failing our fellow man.  We can complicate our lives all we like but when we start to complicate other people’s lives is when we cross a line.

As I said in the beginning, simple answers aren’t always easy.  It takes a very courageous and strong person to step up and do the right thing.  Are you ready to simply do the right thing?


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