Being Human

Religion without humanity is very poor human stuff.  Sojourner Truth

I love Twitter because bits of wisdom like this pop up all the time.  Today I thought I’d share a little secret with you.  If you listen closely it will totally transform your life.  Ready?  OK: your life will be made or broken, helped or hurt, happy or miserable, satisfying or unfulfilled based on the people in your life and your treatment of people.

What does this mean?  Simply put this means that one size does not fit all.  We don’t all like the same clothes, respond the same way to the same stories, believe the same things, have the same perspectives about work and life, and shouldn’t be treated as mindless robots.

To bring this directly to the topic of religion that Sojourner Truth brings up, when you take the people out of the faith equation, you’re basically finding the cure to every disease and throwing it off a cliff into a rushing raging river never to be seen again.  Your impersonal, inconsiderate portrayal of your religion turns people off not because they don’t believe the message but because of your delivery.

Love is the same way.  On this love-centric day of the year it’s important to recognize that everyone wants to be loved, no matter how much they may deny it.  Everyone wants to feel treasured, protected, chosen, accepted and connected with in the ways that make love speak directly to them.  You may be familiar with the book The 5 Love Languages.  This is the same concept: everyone loves and wants to be loved differently, but what doesn’t change is that that we all want to be loved.

If you’ve struggled to find love for years, perhaps Sojourner Truth reveals the problem here: you’re ignoring the human aspect of love.  Love isn’t just a feeling, it’s about what happens between people.  It’s about the magic they can create not because they’re in love but because they’ve learned how to accept each other for who they are, not an ideal or for misguided reasons. Have you been missing the point of love all along?


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