The Little Things

Like much of the world I’ve been following the news about Flight 370 which magically disappeared on March 8.  I’ve always been fascinated by Titanic’s story and followed the story of the Costa Concordia as well which met a bad end in 2012.  While we may never have all the facts about any of these events, they are reminders that the only guarantee of life we have is today.

The longer I live the more I appreciate the little things, like friends, good health, sight, the ability to make money, the ability to walk, the gift of imagination, the smell of the world after a rainstorm.  These little things that seem so insignificant are things that the people who have perished before their time would love to experience again but can’t.

When you look death or really scary life changes in the face and live most people find they have a new perspective on life, a new desire to live each moment.  We appreciate more the little moments that make up each of our lives.   We’ll also have different perspectives on the little things like appearance or possessions.

It’s unfortunate that most of us have to have life or death experiences before we begin to appreciate all we have.  If we were all a little more aware of what went on around us and chose to live life more and stopped hiding we would have less regrets at the end of the day and at the end of our lives.  The good news is that you don’t have to face death to choose to see life, you can make that choice today.

“I reassured my mother that it didn’t matter to me if my face was not symmetrical. Me, who had always cared about my appearance, how my hair looked! But when you see death, things change. “It doesn’t matter if I can’t smile or blink properly,” I told her. “I’m still me, Malala. The important thing is God has given me my life.”” Malala Yousafzai


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