Take Time to Prepare

We’re rapidly closing in on Easter and all that this time of year celebrates. Whether you’re Jewish, Christian or just an earth dweller who loves to celebrate the new life of spring the next few weeks are filled with opportunities to remember and celebrate life. As I was thinking about the event that is known to begin the Christian celebrations, Palm Sunday, I was reminded that it’s more than just a celebration, not that anyone really needs a reason to celebrate, after all, just being alive for another day is a great reason to celebrate. Palm Sunday, like the season of Lent, is a day of preparation; a preparing for the next step in life, in faith.

So often we just seem to be thrust into things, and our constantly on the move lifestyle certainly aids in that. We have been forced to accept that life moves at that pace, yet we’re beginning to realize that we do have a choice in the matter to some extent, and that some things not moving as quick are good too. When we’re not given the time to prepare, to think things through, we can make rash decisions.

Don’t get me wrong, I think many of us are failure and risk adverse, and we avoid them at big costs. Which means we miss those really big opportunities because we’re too scared of failing. If you look at Jesus, he was plenty scared when approaching this week, including the Cross and Garden of Gethsemane. Yet He chose to press ahead.

In many ways Jesus had been preparing for this week for his whole earthly life. It was probably strange to know that every step of your life was leading to this one point. While Jesus didn’t miss out on opportunities that came up while heading on this path, He never wavered from His ultimate destination.

In the next two weeks I would encourage you to consider your life and plan steps to prepare for your next phase of life. You don’t have a choice in what life throws at you, but you can be prepared for a number of possibilities with just a little work.


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