The Choice of Challenges

This is the weekend that many in religious circles spend honoring Jesus’ death and resurrection.  The concept of doing what He did amazes me.  I know we look at people who sacrificed throughout history like Joan of Arc or Mother Teresa and think we could do the same, but could we really?  Could we really be as strong as Jesus was to go to the cross and die?  The reality though is that He didn’t go out of strength but out of love.  What was a horrible act turned into something so much bigger and better.  Even on the cross He was doing what He loved best, sharing hope and bringing people to God.

No matter the challenges that come your way if you’re doing what you love and are with people you love you can succeed and come out from the challenge a better, stronger person.

Open just about any newspaper or magazine and you’ll see some of the things going on around the world that can destroy the lives we’ve built and people we’ve worked hard to become. There are an unfortunate number of people around the world who would love to see more miserable people.  But there are also a good number of people who thrive when working through and conquering challenges that make others squirm.  They’re no better than those who squirm, they’ve just got a different attitude towards the curve balls life throws them.

We’re each challenged to make the choice of whether we’re going to work towards destruction, let things go or work for a better future.  Once we’ve made that decision we have to decide if we’re going to support the decision we made with a positive attitude and action, or if we’re going to moan and groan and drag our feet.  Ironically, the sooner we get going, the sooner we’ll either make the mistake and be able to make changes or succeed as desired.  Holding back doesn’t do anyone any good.

With thoughts towards the remembrances of Good Friday and Easter Sunday, I encourage you to take bold steps forward this week, bravely facing whatever comes your way.

“I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection.” Leonardo da Vinci


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