He is Risen?

On Sunday the Christian world celebrated Easter.  For those of you a little late to the party it’s the day we remember that Jesus came back to life from the grave after being crucified to die for our sins so we could have eternal life (that’s the abbreviated cliff notes version).  I don’t read any of the ancient languages, but just about every translation I’ve read of Luke 24 says something about the angel at the tomb telling the women that Jesus is risen. The women were probably like “Risen?  What does that mean?”  For us years later it’s come to mean hope and the fulfillment of a promise, but to them it was probably quite confusing.

Think about it: you’re expecting to say prayers and pay respects at a tomb, where dead people are, and you’re told that someone is risen.  Not that they’re not really dead, not that they’re alive, but that they’re risen.  It certainly implies that they really were dead and now they’re not.  We all know that that’s not how life usually works.  When people die that’s it.  There’s no returning to your life.  Even with the concept of reincarnation you’re not technically coming back, you get a new life.

So what happened that Easter morning paved the way for something new and different, which is exactly what we needed.  Revelation 21:5 says “Look, I am making everything new!”  When Jesus rose that Easter morning He not only did something so out of the ordinary, He shared that what He had done could mean something new and different for us too.  Jesus gave each of us a choice: the choice of a fresh future.  We could let go of our pasts, let go of the stuff that held us back and walk into the amazing future God has for us.

Remember I mentioned that “risen” has come to mean hope and a fulfilled promise earlier?  That hope, meant for each of us, means that the promise of incredible potential that we were born with still has a chance to come true, despite the mistakes we may have made in the past.  Having just celebrated another Easter I invite you to choose this year to let go of your past and step into the future of promise and hope that Jesus has created.


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