The Magic of Forgiveness

We talk a lot about starting over in our day to day lives.  We talk about how nice it would be if we had a clean slate or if we could start over or if we could undo our mistakes. Have you ever thought about why that is? Have you really thought about why we crave clean starts? I think part of it has to do with that shiny new toy syndrome, where we want things just because they’re shiny and new. It’s not really about whether that thing is good or not, we just want it because it looks newer or better than what we have.

Our lives are like this too, we flit from one thing to another because we hope that it will be better than what we have. Sometimes we’re right and it will be better, other times it’s only better for a little bit, and sometimes if we had just stuck with it for a bit what we had would have been pretty spectacular.

The truth is however that the shiny new stuff can’t fix the bad stuff from the past. It can’t erase it or remove it, it’s still going to be there. The good news is that there are a couple of things that can help us stay more focused in the present and help us make better decisions about what stays and what goes.

1-having less stuff. Whether we’re talking hoarders or just your average American family, we’ve all got a lot of stuff. The more stuff you have the more stuff you have to take care of and the more likely you’ll think about getting more. Work with an organizer to declutter and free up space in your home and life.

2-forgive more. The less we hold onto the less tainted other areas of our lives will be.  Forgiveness gives you the opportunity to have a fresh start without the complications of truly starting over. If you’ve struggled to forgive or let go you can work with a coach on forgiving, improving your relationships and loving yourself more.

Neither decluttering or forgiveness is a perfect solution, both require work, time and effort to let them be the truly healing aspects in our lives.  The first step, as always is admitting that you need help.  Start with that this week and look into people you can work with to find freedom again in your life.

“Forgiving is rediscovering the shining path of peace that at first you thought others took away when they betrayed you.”  Dodinsky


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