Making Room for Memories

Monday in the USA is Memorial Day, a time for us to remember and thank all those who fought in wars for each of us and our freedom. I’m truly grateful for the people who have made that sacrifice, both those in the military as well as their partners and families who have made other sacrifices. Since conversations can be few and far between memories of their loved ones have to get them through the seasons of separation, and sometimes through their death too.

You may not have a loved one in the Military and deal with the struggles they face but you are probably familiar with memories.  You remember the good, the bad, the ugly and the amazing.  Unfortunately we tend to remember the bad stuff all too often and often forget the good stuff.  Why? Because we’re faced with so many more negative messages each day that our brains process that stuff quicker and pick up on it sooner.  With a little effort you can reduce the number of negative messages you see each day, but short of removing yourself from all civilization you’re not going to be able to completely eliminate them all.

So where does that leave us?  It brings us to a choice: will we continue to focus on the bad stuff or will we choose to focus more on the good stuff?  We could all sit here and stew all day long about the bad stuff, the way people have treated us, and the things that have gone wrong or ways we’ve failed.  But at the end of the day we’ll be no farther along and have nothing to show for our efforts.  However when you choose to live your life making new memories, not only to replace the bad ones, but for the sake of having fun and living a fulfilling life, then we have a chance at not all turning into miserable old Scrooges.  Memories will never replace anyone or spending time with others, but they do make our lives a little brighter when we can’t be together.


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