Born for Victory

There’s little doubt that you’ll have some problems and failures during your journey in this life, after all, we’re not perfect.  But I believe that life is about a lot more than failures, and that our failures should not be what people keep count of, but rather our victories.  We spend too much time on the bad stuff and not enough time on the good stuff.  So much so that our goal isn’t to achieve victories but rather to avoid failures.  Sounds very similar right?  However, the difference is that when you’re trying to avoid failures you’re not looking for ways to be successful, or moving in that direction, you’re moving horizontally or even backwards.   You’re also not accepting failure as part of the journey to success, but rather as the enemy.

The truth is that failure is part of life as we know it.  There’s no way around it. But we’ve all got the choice of whether we want to improve the world, keep it the same or let it get worse (and there’s no promise that by leaving it as is it won’t get worse either).  So if we truly want more victories in our lives we need to start accepting the failures.  We need to let the pain sweep through us when our big project develops a hiccup, meet with a coach or counselor when our relationship becomes too much to handle, and stop putting the blame on everyone else in our lives. We need to accept that it’s OK to fail, and we need to accept that others will fail too and not to kill them for it.

But once we’ve failed it’s essential that we don’t stay stuck in the failure.  We were not created to fail, but to succeed beautifully.  We’re very good at coming up with new creations and new ideas, and part of that is failure.  But the goal we should be striving for is success and health for the world around us.  What would your world look like if you were focused more on achieving victories than drowning in your failures?

“When you fall, feel the pain. And then stand up. You were born for victory.” Robin Sharma


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