Learning Patience

Sometimes the best way to work through your situation and find peace is to help someone else find peace.  There are countless examples and stories of people whose lives improved dramatically because they took the time to work with or help someone else who was struggling. Even just praying for others has been shown to produce health and mental benefits. Sometimes the best thing we can do is help someone else.  But sometimes taking care of someone else first is actually detrimental to the situation.  For example it’s very difficult to learn to love others if you don’t love yourself first.  It’s also hard to instill confidence or belief in someone else if it isn’t there in yourself first.  Struggles ensue when you try to accept what others tell you about yourself without believing it first, even if it’s true.

Patience is one of those things that fits in the latter category more often than not. If you cannot be patient with yourself you’ll find that you cannot be patient with others.  Patience takes time to learn and apply in your life. It won’t be your first reaction most of the time, at least not until you’ve learned to react with patience rather than outright with action or words.

But back to our point, the challenge of being patient with yourself is exactly that: a challenge.  Why? Because we usually hold ourselves to a higher standard or expectation.  We believe we can leap all tall buildings in a single bound and that we’re impervious to all, even to kryptonite.  When what we should be believing is that if we take all things in stride and patiently learn how to work through them we’ll be OK and we’ll make it through whatever our paths cross and whomever we come across.  When we rush things we’re not only making mistakes that can hurt us, they can hurt others too. Will you let patience be a gift or a curse in your life?

“Have patience with all things, But, first of all with yourself.” Saint Francis de Sales


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