Defeat Stress with Humor and Patience

This month, as you know, we’ve been talking about patience.  By now you may realize that patience not only requires you to have a “plan b” at all times and an open mind and perspective about your life, it also necessitates a sense of humor.  Why?  Because most of the time when patience comes up it comes up because of other people who are stressing us out and we need patience to deal with them, and if we’re so busy working on stopping the stress we’ll never get to the patience part.  So rather than working up a stress reaction we can handle the situation recognizing how ridiculous that person is being or acting and laugh it off.

But having a sense of humor about patience is really about knowing how you react to and interact with people.  I know that driving is a stressor for me, so I usually leave extra travel time in my schedule so that I know I’m not in a rush and can deal with the impatient drivers on the road without becoming equally impatient or stressed out.  If you don’t know what stresses you out, you’re either stressed out all the time or spending too much time with all the wrong people.

So while I can get a chuckle out of someone’s freak out over their upset plans, that doesn’t mean that things don’t go wrong in my life or stress me out.  It just means that I’ve accepted that there will be things that go on in my life that will upset things as I have them.  I’ve got plans and support systems in place to help me deal with those situations.  And if I’m thrown a really big curve ball I don’t freak out too much because I know that I’m a capable, teachable, adaptable human who can and will get through it.

Because I know that I’m more than whatever comes my way I can handle the rough spots in the road with a bit more grace and patience than most, and so can you.  It will take work, a great attitude, flexibility and, of course, lots of patience.

“Because paper has more patience than people.” Anne Frank

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