Encourage One Another

We all have insecurities.  We’ve been lied to, cheated on, exposed to false advertising and people we’ve trusted have broken that trust.  Sometimes it seems like the world is out to get us, and it even laughs when we fall down under the weight of our struggles.  Sometimes people’s questioning “you really love me?” “you really think I’m beautiful?” “you really want me to have the job?” isn’t because we have bad hearing or because we’re so full of ourselves, it’s because we’ve been hurt so many times before. Sure that’s true some of the time, but all too often people just don’t realize the truth.

Jesus dealt with insecure people during his years of ministry.  People questioned if he really could heal them, or really understood what they were going through.  And Jesus certainly did his share of miracles so that they would realize he could.  Jesus knew that people have been hurt so many times in the past and were promised things that didn’t happen that it was hard to believe that there was someone else who was saying these things but really actually could follow through.

The first thing to realize is that we’re all insecure.  We all need to hear the confirmation from others around us that we did good, or we are going to be OK, or that we matter.  No one wants to be forgotten or ignored, no matter how much they like peace and quiet.  But we do a really good job of cutting people down when we say that their clothes are not the best when they actually look fine, that they screwed up in ways that can’t be fixed when they can, or that they deserve the beating they got even though they don’t.

Let’s face it: we can be nasty with too little effort.  But that’s not what God wants of us.  He wants us working together to make the world a better place when we leave than when we got here.  He wants us encouraging one another and taking the time to tell each other that we matter, not that we’re dirt.

“Dear brothers and sisters, I close my letter with these last words: Be joyful. Grow to maturity. Encourage each other. Live in harmony and peace.”  2 Corinthians 13:11a


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