Patient with God

Today is the last day of another month of 2014. We’re another 30 days closer to 2015. How are you doing on your goals and plans for this year? Are you making progress or do you feel like you’re getting more lost day by day? This month we’ve talk about the topic of patience. If you’ve struggled with accomplishing your goals and plans you may be struggling to be patient and wait for God’s direction. It’s hard to remain confident in God when it seems like we’ve been waiting forever (even if it hasn’t really been very long). Yet that’s exactly what God asks of us. He asks us to wait in Him for our futures and trust as Psalm 138:8a says that: “The Lord will work out his plans for my life— for your faithful love, O Lord, endures forever.”

It doesn’t say that the Lord might work out His plans, but that He will work out His plans. So if you’re waiting today for the other shoe to drop on things don’t give up, because this is only one of many verses that reminds us that God will complete His promises.   This is probably a good indication of why there are so many verses in the Bible about God fulfilling His promises: because He knew that not everything gets instantly resolved and we would need lots of encouragement and confirmation to stay on the straight and narrow as things slowly progress to their conclusion.

So this week as you are challenged by your patience or faced with the instruction from God that the time is not right yet, know that all in good time it will work out. Release your requirements and intentions about how things are resolved, and focus instead on developing your relationship with God. Sometimes the best things need time to develop, and there’s no point in rushing God, unless you like mistakes and less-than-right results.


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