A Foundation for Freedom

What you build your life on matters.   One of the core aspects that the writers and signers of the Declaration of Independence focused on was freedom.  Freedom is something that can really empower us, give us the ability to really make something of our lives, and show off a brave, strong, creative, successful nation to the world.  We each have the choice on what to build our lives: the beliefs, habits and choices that we have made are key parts of what we’ve chosen to be our foundation.

When you choose to build on a bad foundation what follows won’t be great.  If you live in a violent neighborhood and don’t try to do things better for yourself you’ve chosen to build your life on a foundation of violence, one that will most likely lead to more violence.  You can’t control where you start your journey, but you can do a lot about how that starting point affects you, your future and your freedom. The decision to break free from your past and what you’ve always known as your reality may not be an easy one, but for many people it’s the best thing they can choose to do.

In many cases you are the only person who can truly create or achieve the freedom you desire in your life.  I can’t free you, only you can free yourself from the physical or emotional burdens and experiences you carry on your shoulders.  I can encourage you and help you create a plan for accomplishing that freedom, but I can’t lose the weight for you, repair your self esteem or fix your relationship: only you can do that.

The good news is that you can make changes anytime and reestablish your foundation and start living life in a new direction with stronger values that will actually support you.  What have you chosen to build your life on?

“Freedom is from within.”  Frank Lloyd Wright


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