Celebrating Freedom

I’m not really big on fireworks or big parties, but there’s something important about celebrating the Fourth of July in the USA because it’s the day we declared our independence.  We stood up and made a bold statement that we no longer wanted to be considered someone else’s property, but we wanted to be our own people with our own beliefs, laws and in control of our future.

Anyone who chooses a better future over their past has reason to celebrate.  I make a point of recognizing and celebrating with my clients when they make a decision or take action that supports a better future for them, their families or their clients.  Taking time to celebrate is important because it means you’re recognizing how far you’ve come which helps you emotionally free yourself from the past and open yourself to what the future has to offer.  It’s not about boasting about how awesome you are, but taking the time to recognize the obstacles you’ve overcome and ways you’ve made a difference in the world.

The thing about the Declaration of Independence, the document that indicated our fresh start, is that it was exactly that: just a start.  Things have changed since then: we’ve outlawed slavery, we’ve added states and land, we’ve been in more wars and we’re more people, but the Declaration established some important foundations and truths to guide us along.

We haven’t always done the right thing or made the right decisions but that’s part of the journey.  No one said the journey would be perfect or easy after we declared our independence, but it did mean that we had a better chance of a better future because we made those choices than we probably would have if we stayed the course.

We each have to make the decision about what our future holds: do we want to continue on from where we’ve been in the past or do we want to strike out in a new direction?  Whatever you choose, make sure that you take the time to celebrate the freedoms that you are blessed with in your life.


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