The Story of Your Life

Each of our lives tell a story.  How we live, who we meet, and the decisions we make are all part of that story.  We each get to write our own story.  Yes, we do have to deal with others trying to influence us, but ultimately it’s up to each of us to choose how much influence we’re going to allow them to have in our lives.  Some of us are good at letting the good guys have a prominent roll in our stories, others of us let the bad guys lead, or we get taken over without our permission.  Getting taken over isn’t the choice most of us make, we like to be independent and the creators of our own future.

The good news is that even if we have control over our story taken out of our hands for a while, we’re still fully capable of grabbing it back and redirecting it in a direction that gives us the opportunity to heal and is better for us.  But again, it’s our choice on how or if we make that happen.

If your story hasn’t been going well lately the other good news is that today is a new day and each and everyday hereafter is as well.  You’ve got a fresh start each day to write a new chapter to your story, one that you’re more proud of than the last.  The challenge we each face is drumming up the courage to write that new chapter and take our lives in that new way.  It can be intimidating or hurt or frustrating to try to write towards a different ending, especially if the people in your life aren’t supportive of the direction you’re going in.  But since it’s your life and your story it’s up to you to find people who will and do support you to be in your life.  If those who are in your life aren’t willing to be supportive, you need to ask yourself if they really deserve you in their life.

What story are you writing with your life and are you satisfied with the ending you see as the inevitable conclusion based on your current direction?  If not, today’s a perfect day to start making changes to your story.

“There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never quite know where they’ll take you.” Beatrix Potter


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