Just for Today

One of the biggest challenges we have is living for today.  It’s easy to worry about tomorrow or be concerned about what you did yesterday, and it’s also easy to waste today in alcohol or unproductive actions.  I’m not against a drink or two or a vacation, that’s not what I’m saying.  What I’m saying is that we’ve forgotten that today is, or will be, filled with lot of opportunities for growth, happiness and success, and it’s up to us to be open to them.  When we’re so focused on the past or future we can forget that today is full of lots of great moments all by itself and not everything is a race to the finish line or a sprint from the boogeyman.

When was the last time you sat outside on your front step or in a park and watched nature and the world go by?  When was the last time you went into a coffee shop purely for the pleasure of having a cup of tea or coffee, not because you didn’t get any sleep last night, are rushing somewhere or are meeting someone?  When was the last time you sat and tasted your food, not shoved it in your mouth while doing 16 other things?  When was the last time you sat with your partner or kids and just were with them instead of being on your phone or the computer?  It’s in moments like these that we can remember and appreciate what it means to be alive.

What if instead of worrying about tomorrow, we worked on living today to the fullest?  That doesn’t mean that you don’t care about tomorrow, or won’t work to change things so you don’t repeat yesterday, but it means making sure you live today as today, not as the bridge between yesterday and tomorrow.  What are you going to do with today?

“JUST FOR TODAY…” Abigail Van Buren


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