Planning for Peace

I always thrill at arriving at a new month or new year because it seems so much more obvious that we’ve got a fresh start. I’m really excited to leave July behind, despite the very important lessons I’ve learned through that month of challenges. I’m looking forward to moving forward and even to applying the lessons I’ve learned. As we’ve talked about self-control over the past month I’ve realized that self-control isn’t always all about the control, but about knowing when to release the control to get what you want. Ironically, discovering this has brought me to our topic for this new month, peace.

Peace, like control, ironically isn’t achieved by external things so much as being able to find that very important center deep within that can help guide us even when things seem to be collapsing around us. The people most in tune with their minds and bodies can easily tune into that peace and that center of knowledge, but the rest of us have to work at it. We think that we’ll be able to tap into it when we need it and not worry about it when we don’t, but that’s not always the case.

I’ve learned though as I’ve gotten closer then more distant then closer again to my inner peace and strength what a real benefit it can be. Because when you’re in control of yourself and able to calm your world you’re often able to influence that same calm in others. Children are a great example of this. When you as the adult are completely freaking out or stressed, they’ll react the same way; not because they’re stressed but because your level of stress is affecting them. That’s not to say that we should isolate our children and wrap them in bubble wrap to never be hurt or touched by pain, that’s not our discussion today.

Today we’re focused on the fact that peace can only be found inside you. You may feel more peaceful while walking in nature or sitting beside a brook, but only part of that is the actual influence of nature, a larger part is your ability to let go of the other stuff and focus easier on touching your core. If we want to be able to tap into our inner core of peace and strength at a moment’s notice we need to work on it a little every day.  Take 5 minutes every day to sit, relax, and learn how to center yourself.

“Peace is not made at the council table or by treaties, but in the hearts of men.” Herbert Hoover


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