Ready for Peace?

So it turns out that people have always had a dislike of war and desire for peace.  Psalm 120:6-7 says: “I am tired of living among people who hate peace.  I search for peace; but when I speak of peace, they want war!” Living in a constant state of unrest leads to lasting dissatisfaction and distrust that is usually passed down through the generations to ensure the past hurts, sentiments and fears aren’t lost, which is unfortunate.  It’s also unfortunate that in most cases most of the distrust was warranted and that people aren’t doing what they can to rebuild the lost trust.

We look at the area of Israel which has been in fighting for centuries, and where war has erupted again.  War with people thoughtless enough that they cannot abide with any cease fires to take care of the people they care about.  Because if you’re off fighting you’re not taking care of your people who were injured in the last round.  But beyond the physical casualties, we’re brought again to the absolute distrust and emotional wounds that are caused by complete disregard for even the most innocent of human life.

I’ve never been able to wrap my head around the need for killing other people in situations of war.  War forces men and women into positions that risk the contributions they could make to society if they are killed.  Who knows if the next Einstein, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela or Maya Angelou were killed by a stray round or bomb in the fighting?  The world will never have their talents because two groups of people could not find a way to coexist together. Some may say that because of their nationality, beliefs or history they could not be someone with a gift to share with the world, but as a person of faith I disagree: everyone has value.

So we come back to the question in Psalm 120: when will it be too much?  When will we finally have had enough?


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