Simple Starts to a Better Life

We all live busy and complicated lives, so today I thought I’d share a few ways we can simplify them.

Go on frequent dates with your partner.  Sounds crazy and not like it will simplify your life, right?  But if you and your partner go on frequent dates, at least 2 a month, there will be less stress at home and you’ll have a stronger relationship, thus equaling less stress and a simpler life.

Work at a job you love.  Don’t like coming home miserable or dreading the morning?  So do something about it!  If you don’t think you’ll get a job in a field you’ll like, start a business.  Don’t let a lack of job stop you from happily supporting yourself and your family.

Communicate fully and clearly.  Life gets really complicated really quickly when we leave out important details or aren’t truthful when it matters.  I’ve had more issues with people who don’t read my whole message or jump the gun, or don’t provide all the information necessary to provide answers to their queries than with any other area of my life.  Just get it all out there in a concise, polite manner and everything will be much simpler.

Schedule in the important stuff.  Make a plan for how you’re going to get the important stuff done, like the doctor’s visits, financial adviser’s visits, tax adviser visits and bill paying.  Your being lazy with these things now will lead to many more complications later.

Don’t waste your time with people that hurt you or bring you down.  If you’re in a bad mood after you talk with a particular person every time, they’re not someone you should spend an more time with than absolutely necessary.  Spend time with people who make you feel good and have views and attitudes that line up with yours.

Make a point of doing something you love every day.  Maybe this is watching a cute dog video online, maybe it’s reading a book, maybe it’s going for a leisurely walk, maybe it’s meditating, or maybe it’s a bubble bath.  Doing something every day that makes you happy will help you learn to balance the challenges and frustrations of life better.

So what will you do to simplify your life today?


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