Tapping into Talents

Every time I meet someone new I always try to find out what makes them special.  Everyone has gifts and talents that other people don’t have and I love learning what makes people light up and get excited, even if I don’t fully understand it like coding or medical topics.  Seeing their excitement encourages me that there is still hope for those around the world who haven’t found what makes them light up or how to bring that light into a fulfilling purpose yet.

What I don’t like are the people who criticize others for being who they are and for using their gifts and talents. I know that some are jealous because they haven’t figured out how to tap into their gifting, or frustrated because the other person seems to be so successful and they aren’t.  But rather than being jealous, pouting, bringing lawsuits or badmouthing, we should be asking these people what insights they have to how we can be successful like them.

Because so many people have received criticism and negative publicity for going for what they want and putting their talents to good use, it can discourage us from going for what we want and doing what we were made to do.  This is one reason why I believe it’s so important to have healthy relationships with friends or family in your life that will support you when you go for gold.  Very few people can accomplish their goals without any support of any kind, and you shouldn’t have to.   Everyone needs a support system around them for when the days to get tough and criticism is received.

So this week instead of judging people for being successful or using their talents, ask yourself or them what you can learn from them and their use of their talents.

“If you have ability in a certain area, why not capitalize on it and improve it and use it?”
Wilt Chamberlain


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