God’s Good News

Each day of late we seem to be approaching the newspaper or news headlines with some trepidation because of how many fights, battles and wars of all kinds are going on around the world.  If there were good news to be presented I think there would be enough cheering to be heard ’round the world  based on how much negative news we’ve received recently.  There are many days that we just think about pulling the blankets back over our heads because the world seems too difficult and too sad to face.

The good news is that God is always waiting for us to step up to Him for encouragement, comfort, strength and peace.  That said, He does want us to come to Him and ask, not just wait in expectation for Him to flood us with the good stuff.  It’s part of us taking an active role in and participating in the relationship we have with Him.  God doesn’t want to always be handing stuff out to us but wants us to seek Him out when we’re struggling.

Yes, God does want us to seek Him out all of the time, but with how much not so good stuff has been going on there isn’t a whole lot for many of us outside of the challenges.  God doesn’t just want us to seek out the peace He offers, but also to seek out the strength and wisdom to find the solutions to the things that challenge us.  And if we’re not in a position to really offer advice or assistance (other than financial) to the situations we can pray for those who are there and can help.

What we need to remember throughout all of our challenges is that God has no plans to desert us, it’s only us who give up on things.  But God isn’t just a God of peace and nice feelings, He’s a God of solutions and action as well.  God doesn’t just want us to have peace, He wants a peaceful coexistence and relationship between all people and creatures on earth.  Will you be part of making that happen?

“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger who brings good news, the good news of peace and salvation, the news that the God of Israel reigns!” Isaiah 48:18


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