Loving Limits

I believe that limits, boundaries, schedules and rules are important. They help us stay focused and help us with keeping ourselves in line and respectful of others.  However, there are plenty of cases when the rules or limits are exactly what screws things up and limits our potential.  For instance, if we were all told we had to get 9-5 jobs or were all told to be entrepreneurs, some of us would be frustrated and broke pretty quick.  Instead, we’re given the fairly firm limit that we have to get money someway to pay our way in the world.

We each have choices we make throughout our lives.  Choices that not only determine and state what our limits etc. are, but on which side of the line they fall.  Will our choices limit us or free us?  I know that most of us can, to an extent, work with whatever limits we’re given, but usually when we’re able to learn about ourselves and how we work and live best we’re better able to set up limits etc. for ourselves that help us.

The good news is that there are lots of ways that we can make things work for us today. There are tons of options in the world, tons of jobs we could work, tons of employers willing to be more flexible and supportive with things like hours and childcare, and there are lots more people willing to accept non-traditional relationships.

The choice we have to make is what limits etc. are right for us.  Trying to squeeze ourselves into someone’s square when we’re a circle just doesn’t work.  We’re so fortunate to live in a world in which we have so many options available to us.  So what will you choose today?  Will you choose to make choices that set you up for an amazing future and ensure a positive impact on the world, or will you choose to limit yourself and the impact you can make on the world?


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