Promises, Promises

Just about every day we say the words “I promise.”  Keeping your promises means that your words are more than just words.  That they have a purpose, a life of their own even.  When you make a promise to yourself or someone about something, you’re doing more than just sharing words.  But even calling them “just” words is a bit misleading because they are never just words. Words have power, power that we give them by thinking, saying and using them.  The question is what will we do with our power?

Will we choose to keep our promises, giving real value to our words, or will we prove over and over again that we’re untrustworthy and unable to follow through on our commitments?  It’s unfortunate that many of us aren’t able to keep up with our commitments, or bite off more than we can chew.  It’s OK to make an honest mistake but all too often we’re greedy or lazy or just not as honestly committed to things as we should be or agreed to be.

We’ve failed as people and we’ve failed as children of God before.  We’re not perfect and it can be really hard, even intimidating to try to keep up with God and His unbelievable power and abilities, not to mention the tiny fact that He’s perfect.  The good news is that God knows we’re not perfect and still loves us and is willing to be patient while we learn what it means to keep our promises.

It can be really hard to keep our promises when things distract us or go wrong.  When we feel like people have failed us or things get screwed up we just want to throw in the towel.  But that’s not what God wants us to do. God wants us to be patient and learn how to work through the tough times and learn what it means to be reliable and dependable. No, we’re not supposed to stay in anything that would harm us or others, but that doesn’t eliminate as many things as you may think, it certainly leaves plenty for us to follow through on yet we don’t.

Sometimes it’s fear, sometimes we’re tired, but whatever the reasons we’ve slacked on our commitments too many times.  Choose love this week when you face commitments and choices, and do your best to follow through with God as your example.

“Understand, therefore, that the Lord your God is indeed God. He is the faithful God who keeps his covenant for a thousand generations and lavishes his unfailing love on those who love him and obey his commands.” Deuteronomy 7:9


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