The Gift of Purpose

Each day we’re given a powerful gift: the ability to change the world.  We may not look like Shakespeare, Alexander the Great, Abraham Lincoln or Mother Teresa, and we may not have the ability to touch as much of the world as quickly as they did, but we do still have the ability to change the world, even if it’s only our little corner.  It’s something we should all be very thankful for, because it is a gift.  To have the ability to touch a life through a kind word, good deed or or even a donation is truly a gift.

I know many of us wake up and wish we could stay in bed, and don’t see our value, whether it’s because we’re so stressed by the kids running around or the bills piling up, if we’re bored with what we’re doing, if our talents are underutilized, if we’re treated like dirt by others or whatever the case may be, we aren’t as invested in life as we could or should be.  It’s understandable because there are way too many people around the world who are OK with letting anyone and everyone else take on the burden of getting things done, and too many people who can’t recognize the value that each and every person has.

The first step to remedying the situation is to ask for help.  When you’re paralyzed by the issues in your life you can’t contribute in the way that you could.  Too many of us are too worried about what others think and don’t want to reach out, but it’s in that reaching out and admitting that we need support and help that we actually unleash our potential.

The second step is in recognizing, appreciating, developing and using our talents.  If we’re not able to see our own value, and no one has shared that value with us we need to first find or discover it.  Then we need to wake up each and every day being grateful for who we are and the value we have the ability to share with the world.  Why? Because when we make the recognition of our amazing value and potential an integral part of our daily lives we’ll be reminded often how blessed we are to have the ability to do good for the world.  It’s truly special that we’re here on earth for the purpose of making it a better place.

When you see the gifts and talents you have as something to be grateful of and use in the world it opens up great potential.  If we all used our talents rather than trying to fit in a mold or just do whatever to make ends meet we’d be much happier, and I believe we would all be more successful.


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