Compassion in Failure

This month we’ve been discussing compassion. Friday is Halloween in the USA so we’re going to discuss fears, so today’s our last day of discussing compassion. I’ve really enjoyed learning about compassion and discovering the role it could be playing in our lives and our world today.

Compassion is really about two things: a starting place and an ending place. Compassion in it’s very nature does not allow you to remain in one place or one emotion if it’s been applied to the situation.

Compassion finds you where you are and creates a connection of empathy, sympathy and support with someone else. It doesn’t deny that you’re having a bad day or you’ve been given a bad set of circumstances.  No, it accepts that that is where you are. It doesn’t ignore the bad and just pretend that life is all sunshine and roses, or yell at you for struggling. It sees failure for what it is: a failed attempt, not the end of the world.

But the great thing about compassion is that it doesn’t leave you there. Instead it embraces the whole of life, good and bad, and gives you hope that tomorrow will be better, that there are people willing to support you through your tough time and the lesson you can learn from your current failure is setting you up for success another day.

Compassion, like much of life, needs to be put into action to be successful though. You don’t get a tree unless a seed is planted. You don’t get a sandwich unless you put the parts together. You don’t have a hot cup of coffee unless the water is heated and mixed with the beans. There has to be an action taken between where you are and where you’re going for it to be compassion.

So know today that if you’re still working through the struggle and finding the people to help you get up and going again, they are out there. Don’t give up and believe the lies that you’ve failed one too many times. No, I believe there is hope and help for everyone. All it takes is a helping hand and willing heart.

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed on an equal or greater benefit.” Napoleon Hill


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