Thanks is Good

This month we’re talking about being thankful and this week I wanted to talk about a verse that sounds a lot simpler than it may feel.  Psalm 92:1 says: “It is good to give thanks to the Lord, to sing praises to the Most High.”  

It’s true, we do think about thanksgiving as a positive thing: we say “thank you” when we’re appreciative that someone helped us with something, or someone got us what we wanted for our birthday.  Being thankful is a celebration of life, living and our blessings in a world that sees too much darkness.

But being thankful can seem like a chore if it’s not something we’re used to, or it’s not a practice we have.  To practice thanksgiving, or to make a habit of being thankful means that you actively look for and seek out things in your life that you can appreciate.  It’s looking out the window in the morning and being thankful for the blue sky, sitting at the table with your family and being thankful that you’re all there, driving your car to work and being thankful that you can drive and don’t have to walk, and being thankful your computer turns on yet again today.  Those are really simple and really obvious things, but all too often we’re oblivious or take them for granted.

But if you look at the wishes people have, way too many want to be happy; which means they don’t think they’re happy.  While it’s possible that they do have a very good reason to be unhappy, the more likely issue is that they haven’t tried to be happy or aren’t aware of all the happiness that could be theirs if they would only open their eyes.  We say we want good things in our lives but how far are we really willing to go to find those good things?

In talking with a client this week she mentioned how many people talk about the struggles they’re having in her field (a medical one) and that she struggles with marketing her business because of their focus on the struggle, and not the solutions that are available.  This is too often the case for our lives as well.  We’re too busy looking at the mess to get to doing something about it.  This week I challenge you to do something good for yourself, even something as simple as looking for more opportunities to be thankful.


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