The Chance of Change

Life is a journey.  It’s one that I’m getting more excited about each day as I progress on this journey.  I’m not sure what I really expected from 2014 but it’s been a year that has revealed a lot about myself, who I am and what I need in life, as well as even a glimpse about what my future could hold.  The biggest things that it’s taught me is how much I really know about myself, how stupid it is to try to deny who we are, and how necessary to life change is.

Change is a topic I talk about frequently because it impacts so much of our lives.  The challenge we face with change is that we’re not always ready to move in the direction  change is sending us, or we’re comfortable enough with our life that we don’t really feel the need for change, even if there is one.  Unfortunately our resistance to change will only make us miserable.  The reason you are miserable or depressed today could be because you’re resisting the change rather than because change is happening.

It’s not easy to admit you were wrong, that you need certain things in your life, or that you’re ready for change.  Sometimes the expectation of who you are with other people can be enough to keep you trapped where you are rather than grasping life by the horns.  But life is meant to be lived.

What if instead of change being a challenge it was a chance?  A chance to be free to be who you were meant to be? A chance to be the powerful and capable person I know you are?  The person who admits their needs and talents without shame and embraces being supported and supportive of those around them?  What if it wasn’t a weakness to admit that you aren’t all knowing, all capable and all powerful, but actually a strength?

This weekend I challenge you to take some time to take a good hard look at your life and make sure that you’re really living life to the fullest, and if not what things you’ll let into your life or let go of to get there.

“It’s hard to let new stuff in. And whether that admits a weakness, I don’t know.” Martin Scorsese


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