Give and Receive

I’ve been thinking lots of thankful thoughts this month, I hope you have as well. One thing I struggle with personally is learning to receive, not just give. I’m naturally a giving person; I like to help others, to shower love on my partner and do good for the world. But when it comes to having needs I’m just getting a grip on the fact that needs are supposed to be met and in order for them to be met you have to receive. Thanksgiving sounds like it’s all about giving to others, but it’s also about giving thanks for all you have, which means that in order to have stuff you had to receive it some way.

Receiving isn’t about being selfish, but about recognizing that in order to care for others we have to be cared for ourselves. I am always reminding business clients that they can’t do everything on their own, but that they need to have a support team around them, even if it’s just their partner and family and not any obvious professional staff, not including those who created Facebook, websites, the internet or other tools and technologies they use in their daily life and business. Life isn’t meant to be lived fully reliant on yourself, that’s why there are other people around.

I know that prayer is supposed to be an integral part of our relationships with God, but until we’re able to receive and accept the blessings He sends us, the purpose and benefits of prayer will be limited to us. It may bring us closer to God, but until we’re willing to fully accept the terms of the relationship it won’t be all it could be. Until we’re able to accept the blessings and answers God sends, whatever they may be, we’re cutting ourselves off from the power of God.

This holiday season the best thing you could do, the best gift you could give yourself and God would be to accept what He sends your way, whatever it is. To choose to accept the support and assistance of the people in your life and to give and receive each day.

“God has given us two hands, one to receive with and the other to give with.” Billy Graham


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