Holidays of Happiness

Black Friday is finally here and we can officially enter into the season of all things Christmas! I’m so excited and fear not there will be lots of holly jolly cheer over the next month. As we enter the season though I wanted to take a moment to talk about what the season evokes for many of us: happiness. I know that happiness is what many people are searching for in their drugs, alcohol, beauty treatments, crazy behaviors, excessive spending and relationship choices. We try all these external things to make us happy only to often find that we’re more miserable than we were before we started, or that the happiness is very temporary. It’s only when we start to work on the internal that we’re able to tap into happiness that we can access anytime of day or night. It turns out though, that when we find internal happiness, the external shows improvement too.

It’s important to know that what makes me happy isn’t necessarily what will make you happy. But when my happy comes together with your happy we can spread a lot more happy around the world because we’re bringing what only we can bring to the table, combining it with what someone else can bring and making something amazing with it. It’s like baking a cake: it’s no good without the liquid, if you only baked the dry ingredients you would probably end up with just brown dust in the pan when it’s done.

The holidays are really about people coming together to celebrate each other and the lives we’re blessed to live. For those who are spiritual there’s the underlying influence/inspiration of Christmas or Hanukkah to make it even more meaningful. But just like there would be no presents under the tree if someone didn’t buy them, you won’t have happiness unless you choose it. Why would you choose to be Scrooge when you could choose to be Tiny Tim who knows how to be happy even when life looks bleak.

This holiday season I encourage you to find your smile, let your holiday joy shine an spread some holiday cheer to everyone you meet.

“Happiness is the greatest beauty secret.” Tina Turner


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