The Harmony of Happiness

Joy and happiness are know for their positive emotions, for their uplifting nature, for their good nature.  But part of what makes them so powerful is that when you experience them you are not struggling, feeling challenged, having weaknesses exposed or being taken to task for failing, but you are at peace.  Something we’ve talked about a few times this year is learning to accept where you are in life.  That doesn’t mean that you don’t try to improve or change, but that you don’t just moan and complain about where you are, you accept it for what it is and then choose whether or not you’ll do something about what you’ve accepted.

While sometimes you will decide to change what you’ve accepted, sometimes the simple fact is that you’re one little acceptance away from happiness.  Maybe life is just waiting for you to stop rushing, pushing, fighting and arguing and would love to give you happiness, if only you would stand still long enough to see that you could indeed be happy if only you would choose to enjoy and appreciate what you have?

Happiness is in part something you go out and make or find, most people aren’t miserable when they’re in jail, a car accident or having surgery.  But a big part of happiness is your emotions and ability to rise above the situation that you find yourself in.  No, it isn’t appropriate to be cheerful that you’ve been put in jail, but the situation is what it is and there’s not too much you can do about it if you’re there because you did something wrong, but the choice you have is how you’re going to deal with it mentally and emotionally.  The situation may stink, but that doesn’t mean you have to be miserable.

So today in whatever situation you find yourself decide how you’re going to feel about it.  Are you going to let the situation win and you stay miserable, or will you accept the situation for what it is and choose to find peace and hope in your plans to get out of that situation?

“But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?” Albert Camus


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