The Gift of Happiness

The holidays are here with Christmas lists, lots of gift-giving, and spreading good cheer around. It’s a time when we all share presents because it’s the neighborly thing to do; it’s a way of letting those in our lives know that we appreciate them and are thankful for their presence.

For many of us the holidays are about memories, good and bad.  We remember the fun times we had opening up presents, especially the memorable ones, and we may even remember when we were told or found out that Santa didn’t drop off the presents.  We remember times that we spent with family and friends laughing, playing, maybe even getting into a snowball fight.  For many the holidays are one of the few times that happiness is present in our families that we can remember.  It’s something we treasure as adults and want to share with our kids too.

As adults we know the realities and challenges of this world and we use the December holidays to give our kids and ourselves a little break from all of the stress. True, sometimes our habits create more stress for the rest of the year, but with just a little effort on our parts we can make the holidays memorable and not as stressful in the next few months.

I was fortunate to receive a lot of great gifts growing up, but that’s not what I remember most about the holidays.  No, I remember the music on the radio, the trips to my grandparents, decorating the tree with the same ornaments each year, and the Christmas movies.  Celebrating the holidays can feel like you have big expectations to live up to, but take it from someone who’s been a kid, sometimes all you want and need are the happy memories.

The best present you can give anyone this year is the gift of happiness. With as much suffering in the world as their is, choose to enjoy the time you do have together and the blessings you have. Choose happiness.

“The greatest gift we give to someone who loves us is simply to be happy.” Robert Brault


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