The Same Yesterday, Tomorrow and Forever

With a new year we’re thinking about resolutions, the frustrations of the past year, and hopefully hopes and dreams for this new year. I know I’m excited about the opportunities that come with a new year, but as I reminded some of my newsletter subscribers this weekend, a new year is just one of the opportunities we have for a fresh start, because honestly we can have a fresh start any month, any week, any day, any second we want. It’s just up to us to choose to and take action to make it happen.

But with all this talk of new I wanted to talk of something old, something that doesn’t isn’t bound in the structures and limits that we are: Jesus. Jesus, for all of the forgiving and making things new He does, He is really quite consistent. His principles of forgiveness, love, peace, and yes, judgment have remained the same. He has promised to be there for us and hasn’t gone back on that promise, no matter if we think we have evidence to the contrary.

As you dive into resolutions, hopes and dreams for this new year and as we take strides to become better, more loving, more supportive people this year it’s encouraging to know that Jesus will still be the strong encourager that He has always been. We can expect and anticipate that He will always listen when we call, be open to forgiveness if we are honest in repentance, choose us as His people, and love us almost to a fault. From Jesus we can learn that while things will change, because things changed drastically between the time of Abraham and Jesus, and many times between Jesus and now, that the foundations are what stays the same and allows us to become better people.

Change isn’t usually about getting rid of or completely changing everything. More often we have to take everything back to the bare bones to be able to then build up to fulfillment, success or whatever goal you’re working towards. So this week as you work on those New Years Resolutions I encourage you to really think about what needs to change; is it the trimmings and trappings that need to change or is the foundation you’re building on the problem?


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